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Our Gallery

Ceremonies by Kat performing a wedding ceremony
A on the beach wedding done by Ceremonies by Kat
Ceremonies by Kat giving a speech for a couple
Living Sculpture Sanctuary Ft. Lauderdale
Family wedding photo
Family wedding photo
A wedding couple literally tying the knot
Family wedding photo on the beach
Couple being wedded on the beach with ceremonies by kat
Bride and bridesmaid on the beach
A black and white photo of the bride putting a ring on the grooms finger
Couple on the beach with their officiant
young couple on the beach with their officant
A baby blessing taking place on a boat
A wedding officiant from ceremonies by Kat, making a joke
Wedding officiant from ceremonies by kat putting the stamp on a marriage license
A wedding couple with the officiant in middle of the 2
Wedding officiant in the middle of a couple outside by a table
Wedding officiant joining two people together

We send gratitude to all the talented photographers and videographers whose work we share here and on our YouTube page. We appreciate you immensely!

Jannette de Llanos Photography
Margeaux Boles Photography
Lisa and Greg Poland Photography
Yolanda Hill Photography
Wedding Traveler
Ador Photography
McLaughlin Video & Photography
Stacia Morgan Photography
Care Photos
Dana Lynn Photography
LaVie Photography
Claudia Rios Photography
Florida Keys Photo  

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